WesTek Enterprises Ltd can provide engineering assistance for using GFRP rebar in your project.

WesTek Enterprises Ltd is also currently in a development and testing program of a sandwich wall system for single story shop buildings.  This building system features a double wythe concrete layer covering a foam core creating a strong structural wall combined with providing a very good insulation value.


Westek has also been trained in Post Tension Concrete Design for larger scale projects.

Design and Standards

FRP Rebar is relatively new in the FRP industry.  There are however a number of standards that are readily available to assist professionals in confidently using FRP in their design.


  • CAN/CSA-S806-12 (2002 and 2012), “Design and Construction of Building Structures with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers,” Canadian Standards Association.
  • CAN/CSA-S807-10 (2010 and 2019), “Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Polymers,” Canadian Standards Association.
  • CAN/CSA-S6-06 (2006) plus CAN/CSA S6S1-10 (2010Supplement), “Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code,” Canadian Standards Association.

GFRP Product Specifications

Our GFRP rebar is developed and tested in Canada.

Other sizes and shapes are available, please contact WesTek Enterprises for more information.